Why We Like all long legs

It turns out that not only men lose their head in the form of Leggy beauty. According to the LookInfo.org.ua, women also find legged men more physically attractive than their more stumpier fellow. The study, which was conducted by Polish psychologists led by Boguslaw Pavlovski of the University of Wroclaw, has been interviewed more than 200 men and women. Results of the survey showed that the most attractive people are considered, the length of the legs which exceeds the average by 5%, and this does not depend on gender.
Previously, many times conducted various studies of sexual attractiveness. Their results have always shown that the opposite sex finds more attractive physically for those who had higher growth. But the impact of the feet for a total length of human attraction, it was still almost nothing is known.

The study 218 volunteers, both men and women, estimated the attractiveness of 7 men and 7 women on the basis of photographs, some of which had been digitally altered. The photos were all men are one of growth, but the length of their legs had been modified in such a way that it exceeded the average Polish figure of 5, 10 and 15%.
Although the study was attended only by representatives of the Polish nation, Pavlovski suspects that such a picture is inherent in many cultures.

Lecturer at the University of Newcastle Martin Towy identified dependence explains as follows. He said that more long legs represent only one of many parameters that indicate good health, especially in the case of women. "The length of the legs in women - an indicator of good nutrition in childhood, because the legs cease to grow as soon as a girl reaches puberty. example that if a woman has long legs, it said favorable growth conditions, and this has a positive effect on fertility." He stressed that "for men, this relationship is a less certain, because their feet and continue to grow after a period of puberty."