The risk of treatment for Insomnia

A recent report published in a site InterAction.org.ua reports that the side effects of insomnia sedatives were pronounced, especially in adults of age 50 and above. Insomnia sedatives like individuals popularly take Lexapro and Effexor, though not a good number of them have reported any kind of improvement with their insomnia symptoms.

The research reported that close to 40% of individuals consuming Lexapro had reported symptoms of dizziness. These individuals also reported psychomotor-type side effects, effects that could lead to falls and car crashes. With these numbers, analysts were clearly convinced that consuming insomnia sedatives like Effexor is not healthy at all, at least for the aged.

On the other hand, a lot of people on a dosage of insomnia sedatives have reported improvement in the patterns of sleep. Doctors treating these people mention that they had serious problems in taking a night nap. They could observe the dramatic improvement in the sleeping patterns.

Adults and children alike have been reported suffering from side effects of consuming insomnia sedatives. In a lot of situations, people have been found taking these sedatives on the influence of their family members.
Insomnia sedatives can get an individual addicted to the sedative he is consuming leading to further worsening of his health and should be taken in limited dosage. Consumption of any insomnia sedative should be only on the prescription of your family doctor.